Transform Your Service Operations with Zuper’s Innovate Solutions


Optimize Work Order Management

Boost your team’s efficiency across all service sectors with a dynamic app that simplifies task handling and records every job detail. Equip your workforce with tailored task lists for consistent service quality. Elevate initial completion rates using functionalities such as note-taking and messaging, enabling seamless team coordination between frontline staff, supervisors, and office personnel.

Improve Efficiency Of Your HVAC Scheduling And Dispatching

Maximize job assignment accuracy with Zuper’s software that considers worker skills and location among other criteria. It features real-time tracking, intuitive drag-and-drop scheduling, and alerts to prevent scheduling conflicts. Dispatchers gain a comprehensive view of technician locations and job statuses on a unified screen, enhancing operational efficiency.

Take Back Control Of Your Estimating And Invoicing Process

Help your technicians efficiently share estimates and invoices with Zuper Mobile App. Allow customers to accept or reject quotes instantly. Collect advance payments and full/part payment of invoices seamlessly with our Stripe integration. Keep your cash flow intact by offering your customers a financing option with our Wisetack Integration. Integrate all estimation and invoicing data seamlessly with your existing accounting tools like Zoho Books.

Turn All Your Historical Data Into Meaningful Insights

Access over 50 dynamic, visual reports with Zuper’s dashboard for comprehensive performance insights, covering everything from job stats to customer feedback. It easily integrates with third-party systems for broader data analysis and report creation, streamlining your business intelligence efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Zuper The Ideal Choice For Field Service Management?

Every field service company needs a field service management solution to streamline their work. Zuper is the perfect solution because it allows you to track stock, jobs, locations, time-off and payments all in one place. With its flexible, yet comprehensive system, Zuper allows businesses to effectively manage their technicians, ensure client satisfaction and create reports that aid in better decision making.

Is Zuper Software a Cloud-Based Service? Is it available offline?

Zuper is a cloud based field service management software that ensures collaboration across your entire service area and enables efficient field service operations that can be managed from anywhere in the world. The Zuper mobile app provides for offline access, enabling use of the system even if you don’t have connectivity, with synchronization happening once you’re back online.

How Do You Manage an HVAC Technician in Zuper Field Service Management?

In a manual HVAC service environment, businesses have no idea where the technician is at any moment of a time. Zuper Field Service Management helps HVAC businesses keep track of their technicians when they are logged in and travelling to and from customer locations. In addition to tracking technicians, Zuper empowers them by offering intelligent routing services and self-service options.

Which Industries Can Benefit From Using Zuper Software?

Zuper Software can support a wide range of companies in field service. Such industries include: HVAC, telecommunications, utilities, solar, and more.

The Software is flexible enough to support any and all companies that need field service management.

What Capabilities Does Zuper’s App Have?

Zuper’s field service management app offers several capabilities designed to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction:


    • Work Order Management: Create, view, edit, manage, and execute work orders.
    • Mobile Applications: Provide field technicians with job details at the job site.
    • Field Service Scheduling: Automate planning and scheduling of work orders.
    • Intelligent Dispatching: Streamline workflows and automate dispatching.
    • Location Intelligence: Real-time tracking of technicians.
    • App Integrations: Compatibility with CRM, ticketing, and accounting apps.
    • Timesheet Management: Monitor timesheets and locations automatically.
    • Customer Management: Manage customer service requests and details.
    • Asset Management: Track maintenance records and manage assets.
    • Invoice and Estimate Management: Handle invoices and create customizable estimates.
    • Contract Management: Facilitate contracts for ongoing services.
Why is Zuper the Right Choice for HVAC Management?

Zuper stands out as the ideal choice for HVAC management due to its comprehensive features tailored for the industry’s needs:


    • Efficient Technician Dispatch: With Zuper, businesses can seamlessly dispatch technicians to customer locations, ensuring timely service delivery.
    • Real-Time Technician Tracking: Zuper provides real-time tracking of technicians. This capability allows businesses to monitor their technicians’ movements while traveling to and from customer sites.
    • Intelligent Routing and Self-Service Options: Zuper goes beyond mere tracking by offering intelligent routing services, optimizing technicians’ routes for maximum efficiency.
Does Zuper Require Additional Software?

Zuper can be used standalone to handle the entire cycle of leads and requests through dispatching, servicing and billing. It can also integrate with accounting systems such as Zoho Books and QuickBooks Online. It also integrates particularly well with the full Zoho platform, so that other Zoho tools such as CRM can seamlessly integrate into your process. CRM can be used to track leads and deals and create estimates and proposals and then Zuper can be used on the operations side, with invoicing details coming back into Zoho Books.

How Does Zuper Ensure The Security Of Its Software?

Zuper offers a robust solution for field service companies to protect their sensitive administrative data and confidential customer information. Among other ways, this is ensured through the ability to implement single sign-on functionality, or by integrating sign in with other secure platforms such as Google, Office-360 and others.

Zuper is committed to ensuring that global security standards are met, safeguarding against potential risks.


Our Team of Experts is Here to Help You

Zuper implementation can be a complex process, and it’s important to have a clear plan and allocate enough resources to ensure a successful implementation. If you need further assistance, you can always consult with our Zuper experts.