Zoho Finance Plus: An Introduction

Here at Hero Technical Solutions, we are all about progress. And that’s one of the many reasons we love Zoho!

Over the past few years, Zoho noticed that companies’ interaction with their customers had evolved. However, traditional CRM software hadn’t. So, they brought you Zoho CRM Plus — an end-to-end customer engagement suite. Next, Zoho Workplace was unveiled — an integrated suite of applications that put your entire office on the cloud. Then came the launch of Zoho Finance Plus, the most comprehensive suite of cloud-based financial apps for your business.

Everything you need to manage your operations and finances.

Managing your back office operations is not always easy. There are quotes to be sent, invoices to be followed up on, orders to be processed, delivered, and shipped, and taxes to be filed on time. Back office operations and accounting are probably the most non-glamorous parts of your business. You might wish you could get rid of them, but you can’t.Zoho Finance can help! Zoho Finance apps have helped countless business owners run their businesses efficiently, and has also freed them from the tasks that get in the way of doing the things they love. And now, Zoho Finance Plus will offer an end-to-end integrated platform for all your back office operations. Besides the accounting, invoicing, and expense management that any business needs, the suite will also help businesses that manage subscription-driven, recurring revenue streams. It even equips companies to fulfill multi-channel online sales orders with a single inventory model. The suite delivers flexible, scalable and secure applications with the depth and breadth to cover the needs of a growing business — your business.

An integrated suite of apps for your back office.

Unlike other back office tools, Zoho Finance apps are tightly integrated with each other and built from the same platform. What this means is that you’ll have much less (or almost zero) data entry, increased accuracy, and faster decision-making. There are also other benefits to using an integrated platform for your business:

  • Automated quote-to-cash process: Zoho’s Finance Suite is tightly integrated with Zoho CRM, which improves the quote-to-cash process. When sales and finance apps are in sync, you’re much less likely to have missing orders, miscommunications, or delays in processing orders and payments.
  • Greater visibility into orders and payments: With access to accurate and timely information about product availability, order status, and payment details, customer support becomes faster and more effective.
  • Faster reimbursements and accurate accounting: Zoho Expense streamlines and automates expense reporting for employees. Expense approvals can be automated, and approved expenses are recorded in Zoho Books instantly, speeding up the reimbursement process.
  • The subscription model made easy: Whether you’re already a subscription business or considering joining the subscription economy, Zoho Subscriptions will help you streamline your billing process. With its tight integration with Zoho Books, Zoho Subscriptions bridges the gap between traditional accounting and the subscription economy.

What does it cost?

The Zoho Finance Suite is available for $99 per organization per month, which includes access to Zoho Books or Zoho Invoice, plus Zoho Expense, Zoho Subscriptions, and Zoho Inventory. 

If you have previously subscribed to multiple Zoho Finance apps, you can now purchase a single license for Zoho Finance Suite instead. 

Once the suite is set up and user roles are configured, admins can add new users across all of the applications from a single console, vastly simplifying the process of granting new employees access to multiple apps.

So, are you ready to run your entire back office from a single platform? Enjoy a free trial of Zoho Finance Plus by clicking below, and then let us know how it works for you. And if you have any questions, just leave a comment below, or contact us.

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