Zia listens to your customers.

A sales rep gets in contact with lots of people, but each one, nevertheless, deserves a personalized response. Deals can be lost simply because a rep was inconsiderate to a prospect’s feelings. Now, with Zia’s email sentiment analysis feature, you can talk to your clients with fewer worries in the back of your mind. Zia goes through the content of your emails to pinpoint the mood or tone of your customer. She learns to understand your business lingo—even sarcasm—as you upload emails and snippets of content that she can learn from. Negative or positive emails can be used to filter out your angry or happy customers.

Zia helps you know where to focus.

Some records need more attention than others, especially if they’re about to close or be lost. Zia calculates the probable win-lose outcome of the leads and deals in your database. These predictions are expressed as a percentage, which is calculated from past win behavior, your sales cycle, and the activities associated with a record that change with customer responsiveness. For example, if a customer hasn’t replied to your email, your percentage drops. With these predictions, you can stop leads from slipping away and close the deal when the time is right.

Zia keeps track of everything.

Numerous variables make up your business (the number of calls made that week, your annual revenue, etc.), and the performance of each influences your sales. Zia keeps track of it all. Set trend forecasts for these factors and compare this projection against your actual results. Zia will even spot anomalies when things get off track, such as a dip or rise in the number of emails actually opened, calls made, or deals closed. You don’t have to wait for your monthly report to know where things went wrong. The sales and sales trend dashboards show you past, real-time, and future data so you can plan ahead and prep your team.

Zia gets to know you.

You perform activities every day, and many of them are repetitive. Your mouse scrolls the same path, repeating the same workflow; you could do it in your sleep, or, better yet, you could stop doing it altogether. Zia studies your CRM usage pattern and converts your daily routine into macros. Macros turn a series of actions into buttons, so you can automate daily activities. Zia also monitors your automation process as a whole to prevent you from making repetitive mistakes, like sending the same email more than once to the same customer. She’ll notify you before the workflow is triggered and the mistake is made.

Zia tells you when it’s time to close that deal.

Set up reminders so that you get notifications when your customer or prospect is most likely to respond. Zia calculates these timeframes by carefully monitoring when customers interact with your brand, such as when they open emails or reach out to you on social media. Zoho CRM users have already experienced an 11% increase in calls attended when they use Zia’s suggested time frames. You can now also prioritize your activities by their best time suggestions, so you don’t miss opportunities.

Zia fills in the gaps in your data.

It’s easy to have incomplete data like a missing phone number or an incorrect email address. Maybe the sales rep forgot to collect it, or a customer changed their mailing address and now their invoices are piling up. Bad data ruins sales and the relationships you’ve been building with your customers. Keep your data up to date with Zia’s data enrichment tool. Zia scans your data to find gaps and closes them with accurate information. Use the tool when you’re adding new data to see if you’re filling in the right details. Since the information is from verified sources, you’ll never have to worry about losing a contact’s email address again.

Zia helps you succeed.

On a call with your customer and need some stats ASAP? Too busy to add new events? Can’t remember to add reminders? Whether you’re at your desk or in the field, simply chat with or call Zia about any data in your CRM and she’ll help you out. Zia Voice is a new feature that turns Zia into the first conversational assistant for sales reps.

The next time you need some stats, to create a new report, keep track of your targets or simply have a conversation – just ask Zia!
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