How it Works

Experience a transformation in your business by combining your people and process with our expertise on the Zoho platform to architect and implement tools you won’t know how you lived without. From marketing to sales to operations, we can set up Zoho workflow automation that enables productivity and actionable insights.



We believe that the number one success factor in building out an amazing business system on the Zoho platform is absolutely nailing the design of process and architecture. This streamlines development, speeding up delivery by ensuring that what is built is precisely what’s needed, with minimal revision.


With a clear plan, our team executes, working together with you to bring it to life and build a system that you’ll wonder how your business ever did without. From kickoff to going live and ongoing support, our unmatched knack for understanding your business and experience with Zoho gets your business benefitting from a cloud based solution ASAP.

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So What Exactly is a Playbook?

A Playbook is an all-encompassing plan for a Zoho development project. It includes everything from background information to specific functionality to database design specifications to recommended warranty terms.



Sensational Software, Sensible Price

Our consulting plans are designed to meet the unique needs of your business, whether you’re just starting out or looking to scale up. Choose from our range of custom plans and let us help you achieve your business goals with expert guidance and support.

The Express



The Express Playbook is ideal for Zoho CRM beginners who want to manage prospects, customers, and automate follow-up processes. We can plan a CRM deployment for sales teams to accelerate quotes, track deals, and generate reports. We can also integrate QuickBooks Online and automate client portal processes for your operations team.

The Transformer



The Transformer Playbook is for businesses with broad project requirements that span across sales, marketing, and operations. We’ll create a plan for streamlined processes, efficient workflow, and reporting. This includes:

  • Handling incoming leads,
  • Project management tools
  • Follow-ups
  • Approvals
  • Inventory
  • Invoicing
  • Delivery


The Transformer



For businesses with multiple spreadsheets and time-consuming report updates, we offer a solution to transition to a unified, central system for automation and streamlined reporting. We can also assist businesses with 50-100 users transitioning from Salesforce to Zoho for cost savings and expert guidance.


Want to Discuss What a Playbook Looks Like?

A Playbook is an all-encompassing plan for a Zoho development project. It includes everything from background information to specific functionality to database design specifications to recommended warranty terms.


Start With a Plan

We will work with you to go through your business processes, understand requirements, and then document our recommendations in the form of an executable plan. This allows us to provide project work on a fixed price basis, where everyone is in agreement on the deliverables in the system being built, the timeline, and the price.


Build the User Interface

We break our development work down into two steps – first the user interface, the part of Zoho you see, whether it’s customization in CRM or screens in a custom app in Zoho Creator. Doing this first, reviewing it with you, and then and only then continuing on into the heavy lifting of scripting and workflow automation avoids surprises and rework.



Once development is complete, we do a walkthrough of the system again, demonstrating the functionality, getting you comfortable with testing it out and allowing you to review it thoroughly.


Configuration & Coding

Once what you’ve seen so far looks good, and only then, we start into the development work – creating scripts, wiring up workflow, and doing our magic to bring the system to life. We follow best practices from years of experience in software development and the Zoho ecosystem to build out our best work for you.


Go Live

Whether it’s an entirely new system or some additional functionality we’ve built, when you’re ready to start using it, we’re there to support you with training, email support, and a post-launch check in to ensure things are going well and to look ahead to what we can do together next.


Best Word’s From Our Customers

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