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Frequently Asked Questions

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Len Kamerman started Hero in 2006, at the time supporting customers on one of the earliest CRM systems, called Act!.  Over the years we’ve had experience with Act!, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but once we found Zoho it wasn’t long before we were all in.  Today, we support customers primarily across Canada and the United States and are all in on Zoho, usually with systems centred around Zoho CRM and/or Zoho Creator.  Zoho has so much to offer at a really reasonable price that we bet the farm on it and haven’t looked back.

Most folks who deal with Zoho have a business and/or technical background.  Our team definitely leans towards the technical end of the spectrum - the majority of our team has a background in software engineering, enabling us to really be able to tailor Zoho to our customers needs.

Currently, there are five of us full time and three part-time on staff.

  1. Work with Purpose - We work on projects as if our clients' businesses are our own, making recommendations and doing the work with determination so that they’ll see results that impact their lives and those of others around them.
  2. Tackle the Challenge - When we put our minds to it, there’s very little that we can’t figure out how to do, even if it’s complicated or will involve a lot of effort.  Where there’s a desired process and a strong business case, we’ll figure out how to make it happen.
  3. Exceed Expectations - We don’t hesitate to go the extra mile to delight a client. We communicate clearly, document concisely, ask great questions and knock every challenge out of the park. Above all, we create systems that our clients wouldn’t want to do without.

We’re a small team, so our developers are also who are providing support. You’ll generally have a Client Success Specialist and/or a System Architect who know your system as well as one or more developers who are involved in building things out. If you have a request that requires specific knowledge, our first choice is to have the team who worked on it provide assistance.

We provide access to a Project Dashboard or Client Dashboard which has a high level status of each piece of the project along with an expected due date. We also have regular check in calls to review requirements, present customized screens prior to scripting and workflow automation and to collect feedback on completed work.

CRM isn’t one size fits all and is highly, highly customizable.  From adding custom fields and modules to track things for sales, marketing, and operations to building out actionable dashboards and creating time saving automations, we can create the CRM system that everyone loves to use and wonder how they did without.

We train our clients how to use the systems we build out and also provide training on custom tailored agendas for Zoho CRM, Analytics, and Campaigns.  Whether you’re a VP of sales who wants to know how best to manage opportunities and create reports or the in house Zoho go to person who needs to learn the ins and outs of the backend user management and workflow automation, we can work with you to get you that knowledge quickly.

Integration and automation is a specialty at Hero.  We build integrations that make the impossibly time consuming things possible, reduce errors, save time, and do it in a way that is reportable so that you can build analytics that answer questions and help you fine tune your business at each point of leverage.

Zoho’s most popular apps are Zoho CRM and Zoho Creator, followed by Zoho’s business intelligence tool, Analytics.

Zoho CRM is the hub of most Zoho systems, integrating with other Zoho apps and providing a centralized view of sales and operations as it relates to each customer. You can see leads through to customers, provide ongoing support and customer service, and build out your operations so that things flow cohesively from sale to delivery.

Zoho Creator is Zoho’s “low code” app creation system. If you’ve been doing crazy things with spreadsheets it may be time to put Creator in place. You can create different types of records, color code, add buttons, send emails, build reports and so much more - and as you build for web it’s instantly available in a mobile friendly format in a native app.

Zoho Analytics works with many Zoho apps including both CRM and Creator, Zoho’s Finance suite, email marketing, and other pieces of the platform. It can also pull data from many external sources into one place which allows for combined reporting. We use it to build everything from sales reporting to workforce forecasting to commission calculations and create it on standalone dashboards, emailed reports, and embedded within other Zoho apps like CRM.