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At Hero Technical Solutions, our Zoho certified consultants offer their expertise in implementing Zoho workflow automation (also known as Zoho CRM automation) for small and medium sized businesses.

We take our enthusiasm for business process along with knowledge of what can be done with Zoho CRM automation to build solutions that are not only huge time savers but also easy for you and your team to navigate. Having been Zoho certified consultants for many years, we will brainstorm with you to create systems based on your business and our Zoho expertise.

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The Hero Experience

Experience a transformation in your business by combining your people and process with our expertise on the Zoho platform to architect and implement tools you won’t know how you lived without. From marketing to sales to operations, we can set up Zoho workflow automation that enables productivity and actionable insights.

How It Works

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Wondering if the Zoho platform is the right fit or need some help bringing your vision to life? Book a call to connect and brainstorm with a Zoho certified consultant where we’ll help you create the perfect Zoho platform, and our Zoho certified consultant can answer any questions you may have before brainstorming.

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Zoho CRM is a modern CRM system that is used by start-ups, large companies and many more businesses that require customer support, whether your business is B2B, B2C, or a SMB. Speak with one of our Zoho CRM automation experts to brainstorm and create a high quality Zoho workflow automation and/or create the perfect Zoho CRM automation to help boost sales, customer satisfaction, and data security.